Our Business

MFDevCo specialises in the development of marginal field projects

We deploy proven technologies and our consortium of industry specialists to convert marginal or stranded resources into commercially attractive, technically viable projects that will maximise economic recovery of valuable hydrocarbon resources.

Gas to wire
Gas to wire maximises the recovery of stranded gas resources to provide secure, sustainable energy to local power markets.
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Normally Unattended (NU)
Normally Unattended operations to reduce opex.
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Nu Nu
Self-Installing Fixed Tower (SIFT)
SIFTs are a generic range of structures that can all be easily installed and redeployed and from which drilling can be undertaken. They reduce project capex.
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Sift Sift
Suitability Assessments
Evaluating the potential value of a marginal field using ‘suitable’ options.
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Field Development Plans (FDPs)
It is only appropriate FDPs which will transform marginal field economics.
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Field Development Planning Field Development Planning
Engineering and Detailed Design
Consortium members undertake FEED and further studies once a suitable development has been evaluated.
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Project Finance
The aim of our offering is to generate the strongest project economics which will, in turn, provide a compelling case for investment.
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MFDevCo and Consortium members oversee the construction of the platform, storage, and fabrication of topsides modules, under contract with Calm Oceans Pty. Limited who will provide these on a lease basis.
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Construction Installation Construction Installation
Installation and Commissioning
Self-installing design and redeployment result in lower costs from commissioning to abandonment.
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Installation Comissioning Installation Comissioning
Lower opex from Normally Unattended operations and carefully planned field operations are key to MFDevCo’s approach.
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Operations Operations
Redeployment & Decommissioning
We design our facilities to be decommissioned and redeployed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
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Decommissioning Decommissioning