We evaluate, develop and deliver stranded oil and gas resources

Who We Are

We specialise in the evaluation, development and operation of marginal offshore oil and gas fields

If capex and opex can be reduced, and opex maintained at design levels through-life, with all safety and environmental design criteria met, then many marginal fields may become economic and investable. When such fields reside in the D&P rather than E&P segment, they may become especially attractive because the investment to that time has removed considerable uncertainty and hence risk. These are the opportunities MFDevCo seeks.

We can reduce project development costs in many ways, standardising facilities and approaches, for example, Normally Unattended topsides to reduce manning levels, self-installing, redeployable structures to minimise subsea infrastructure and decommissioning costs, and non-recourse project finance solutions that reduce the capital at risk. We work closely with our Consortium members to develop, deliver and operate projects to deliver economic and investable developments. 

We realise the value of stranded resources deploying:
Development and technological approaches
Consortium of world-class supply chain partners
Innovative project financing

Our Consortium


The transition to carbon neutral power generation cannot be achieved by flicking a switch. The technology to mitigate reliability and transportation constraints of renewable energy generation simply does not yet exist commercially.

Achieving the goal of carbon neutrality requires an evolution in technology and innovative project development that incrementally reduces carbon generation while delivering the sustainable, reliable power society demands. This is the basis for our gas2wire....cleaner2greener™ initiative; you can read more about the gas-to-wire and join the discussion at our gas2wire forum.

MFDevCo has created a gas-to-wire solution which can maximise economic recovery of stranded gas resources. We use turbines installed on existing offshore platforms to convert recovered gas into electricity that is transmitted via subsea cable to shore, avoiding the inefficiency and cost of piping natural gas.

Gas-to-wire generates value for all stakeholders from remaining hydrocarbon resources, delivers secure, sustainable energy to meet the growing demand for electricity, and supports the transition to a cleaner energy future. Click here to read more about our gas to wire solutions.

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