Business Model

Gas to wire

Gas to wire maximises the recovery of stranded gas resources to provide secure, sustainable energy to local power markets.

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Gas to wire opportunities

As the world transitions to a cleaner energy future, gas is expected to play an important role in meeting increasing energy demands from secure, sustainable sources.  In mature hydrocarbon basins maximising the recovery of remaining gas resources is a priority for government and industry. 

High operating expenditure including the costs associated with gas export routes, or the absence of viable export infrastructure, causes producing gas fields to prematurely cease and prevents the development of new fields. 

What is gas to wire

Gas to wire helps to maximise the economic recovery of gas resources by eliminating the expenditure, loss of value and reliance on pipeline networks that results from exporting natural gas to shore.  Using gas to generate electrical power on the offshore platform itself, we convert gas into a commodity that can be exported to shore cheaper, more efficiently and that can be sold into more stable markets to meet demand.

Our gas to wire approach capitalises on existing assets such as platforms and nearby power infrastructure, combined with cost-effective operations to create commercially attractive and technically viable development solutions. 

Gas to wire has been recognised by industry and regulators for its potential to meet nations' energy requirements and facilitate the transition to a cleaner energy future.

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  • Urgent demand from operators and government
  • Low or no cost access to proven resources and infrastructure 
  • First mover advantage with industry-leading partners and use of proven technology 
  • Accelerated access to revenue 
  • Transfer price volatility (exposure from oil to power markets) 
  • Project returns outperform alternative use of funds
  • Financial model which is attractive to investors and minimises dilution to company 
  • Aligned with global energy initiatives and government and regulatory objectives 
  • Delivers value for all stakeholders – company, partners, governments, consumers
Strategic alliances

In addition to our Consortium of supply chain specialists, we have formed strategic alliances with Siemens' Dresser-Rand business and Marnavi Offshore to focus on gas to wire developments. Together, these alliances provide the expertise and capability required to successfully to develop and deliver projects using gas-to-wire technology.